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I believe it is important for the patient to comprehend his/her diagnosis and prognosis. This means understanding how your feet function as you stand, walk and go through your day. I can help you see the full picture by showing you how you walk by recording your gait in real time and playing it back in slow motion. We will discuss your individual needs and how a custom orthotic will address your specific concerns.


I often use plaster slipper casting as I believe this is the most accurate method of capturing the shape of the feet. Obtaining an accurate mold or cast will ensure the best orthotic can be made for you! I do not use computers as I believe the hands of a craftsman for custom work are more suited for this purpose. Computers are great for mass production. Your orthotics are not a copy, they are custom made by me for you.


I fit the orthotics to your footwear because I want to ensure proper fit and optimize performance. Comfort is crucial. Too many orthotics are not used because the clinician did not take the time and energy to make them comfortable for the patient.

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Scott Alston

My journey started after seeing results from a career questionnaire that I completed in high school. It was either a bus driver, EMT or a Orthotic/Prosthetic Technician and I decided to go with feet! Before venturing on my journey to becoming a Canadian Certified Pedorthist I decided to be a missionary for two years in the Philippines where I learned the most important thing in life is to follow your heart. After returning home, I immediately enrolled into George Brown College to pursue my career. I now apply the same mantra to my everyday life. I truly desire to serve and help others to find better solutions for their mobility issues.

George Brown College,
Orthotic-Prosethic Technician Program  – June 1, 1997
Certified Pedorthic Technician(Canada)- August 1, 2002
Certified Pedorthist (Canada)-Nov. 26, 2006
In good standing with
The College of Pedorthics of Canada & Pedorthic Association of Canada

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