“I never thought I would have happy feet again. I suffered from plantar fasciitis for two and a half years. I visited three doctors, tried different foot exercises and even had acupuncture to try and help, but nothing did. I was at my wit’s end and then I met Scott. He plaster casted my feet, made me some proper orthotics and I am delighted to say that I have my feet back and they are very happy! I would highly recommend Scott to anyone that was suffering from sore feet. He is informative, patient and extremely good at what he does. He’ll make your feet happy again too!”

-Jody G. (Markham)

“Scott has made several orthotics for me over the years. They fit great and are made with such precision and high quality material that they last longer than my shoes! I confidently recommend Scott to anyone I know who requires orthotics.”

-Alex B. (Markham)

“I have flat feet causing ankle pain all the time. I have been using orthotics for the last ten years. A couple of years ago, I met Scott and he used a different plaster method to cast my feet. The new orthotics are very comfortable and fit my feet very well. He provided additional information to assist me to choose the proper shoe. He is very patient and provided extremely good customer service. I would recommend Scott to anyone who needs orthotics.” -

Peter M. (Markham)

“Scott makes excellent orthotics and I have gone back to him over several years. Each pair of orthotics is high quality and long lasting. Scott makes sure you are well informed of the entire process and that your orthotics fit perfectly. He is very knowledgeable, friendly and professional. I recommend Scott to anyone who needs orthotics!”

-Zara W. (Markham)

“Our six year old son has been a patient of Scott’s since he could walk. The time and care he takes to not only make sure the foot products or treatment is right for you but he also takes the time to get to know the patient (and in our case our whole family). We highly recommend the services of Better Orthotics and think the world of Scott as a pedorthist and a person. When he decided to make this major career alteration and start his own practice, it was a no brainer for us; we were going too… we wouldn’t have anyone else treat our son’s feet! Thank you Scott.”

-The Rogers Family (Scarborough)

“My family and I have been going to Scott for more than eight years and he has always provided exceptional customer service. Scott is very patient and spends the time to find creative solutions to resolve my family’s foot pains. We live in Richmond Hill and we would drive to Markham just to have Scott make our orthotics because of the quality of his workmanship and his dedication to work with us until we are satisfied and our foot pains are resolved.”

-Peter H. (Richmond Hill)

“I had been wearing orthotics for years but, unfortunately I learned that the computer model versions (i.e. walking on a compression pad that is connected to a computer) are not true custom orthotics. What a refreshing revelation upon seeing the way true custom orthotics are made! Scott’s skill at hand casting is truly amazing. A bit messier than walking on a pad but, the product is in a different stratosphere. I am very pleased with the pairs Scott has made for me to date and that also goes for my adult son who has received the benefit of Scott’s expertise. No doubt Scott will continue to be our go to guy for custom orthotics.” -

Lynn B. (Stouffville)

“I’ve tried getting orthotics from different pedorthists in the past. Scott is the only pedorthist that I would go back to. Scott is professional, caring and honest. He provides comprehensive assessment and detailed explanations. Not only does he handcraft high-quality and long-lasting orthotics, he also patiently takes the time to do the fitting to perfection. His follow-up service is another big plus. I would not hesitate to recommend Scott to anyone who needs better orthotics.”

-Chee W. (Markham)

“Scott has been our pedorthist for over seven years. The quality of his workmanship and his professionalism always brings us back whenever we need a new pair of orthotics. I particularly like his method of plaster molding of our feet. The orthotics were uniquely shaped to fit our feet perfectly and comfortably. He is friendly and reliable and we would definitely recommend him.”

-The Tsui Family (Markham)

“Although I have only known Scott a short time, when we met I immediately felt relaxed and confident in his knowledge and concern for my well-being. He watched me walk, took a casting of my feet, created the orthotics, adjusted them so they were perfect and then followed-up with me to ensure that I was completely satisfied – needless to say, I was. From beginning to end you cannot get a better pedorthist or a nicer person. Put your feet in his hands!”

-Richard M. (Markham)

“Working with Scott to diagnose and understand what my issues were regarding my tired and aching feet was outstanding. Scott helped me to select the right inserts and shoes to resolve my problem. I cannot believe what a difference it has made in my life. I no longer have the aching feet which made me so tired. It has totally solved the problem. It made all the difference.”

-Jeff D. (Markham)

“Scott has been making custom insoles for me for 3 years. I never had any major problems with the insoles. They are always made with high quality materials and they always feel comfortable. His service is always great.”

-Terry F. (Markham)

“I had the pleasure of interacting with Scott regarding my son’s feet. It takes me time to be convinced, but I have to say that Scott was great in creating an instant rapport not only with me but with my son as well. This put my son at ease and he opened up and to all of Scott’s queries, which of course helped him in his assessment. Scott has a great demeanor and personality complimented well with the knowledge that he has over the subject, that helps him become successful.”

-Bob S. (Bahrain Bay)

“My two children and I having been going to Scott for the past 7 years. He always takes the time in assessing the cause of the pain and discussing the possible solutions. Whenever I call him up for questions, he spends the time answering them. He is always kind to us and we can tell he really takes pride in his work. We trust him and are so happy with him. Thanks, Scott.”

-Toni C (Markham)

“I recently was fitted for orthotics by Scott. His assessment, approach and fitting were very thorough and professional. The orthotics were comfortable from the start and I have found a huge difference in my foot comfort.”

-Jim D. (Utah)

“Scott made my orthotics for the first time and I am very happy that my foot pain has disappeared. I can walk without pain. I would recommend him to anyone! He was very patient and took time to understand my problem. Thank you, Scott!”

-Guloo B. (Markham)

“I had injured my feet, a combination of overuse on the dance floor, high heels, and creeping age, and turned to Scott to help me get back to a full range of physical activities. I’ve had orthotics made by others before I saw Scott, and there is no comparison. He was so much more thorough in his analysis and so careful in the way that he took the casts of my feet, that I knew I was in excellent hands. Scott produced custom orthotics for both my walking shoes and dance shoes, and made it possible for me to dance comfortably again without pain. I would unhesitatingly recommend him to anyone.”

-Rita V. (Toronto)

“In the spring of 2013 I saw Scott for an orthotics fitting due to severe arthritis in both ankles. He assessed my condition and needs then custom made me two pairs of orthotics, one for my running shoes and one for a pair of walking/hiking boots he ordered for me. I spent the summer hiking in British Columbia without the chronic pain I had become used to when I walked. I wear my orthotics every day and believe they have significantly reduced the pain in my ankles and improved my ability to exercise and simply just walk. Scott was professional yet friendly and helpful. An excellent practitioner.”

-Jane S. (Markham)

“Scott has made orthotics for our family for numerous years in Markham. He has always been very personable, professional and knowledgeable. He takes extreme care and pride in his work, like a master craftsman. Thank you for your excellent service over the years!”

-Franca P. (Markham)

“Canadian Certified Pedorthist, Scott Alston hand makes each pair of orthotics for his clients. Scott thoroughly explains the process which includes a gait analysis, casting and fitting. Usually within a week's time, the orthotics are ready. Any modifications or adjustments are done on site and usually while the client waits. Scott is very knowledgeable in his craft and is willing to accommodate his time around his client's schedule.”

-Peter S. (Maple) 

"My son has been wearing orthotics for many years now ,and we tried many companies as I never really felt fully satisfied with either the product or the customer service I received. I am so happy that I came across Scott this time. I loved the fact that Scot really took his time to explain the whole process and made it comfortable for my son who is a special needs kid and requires extra patience. Scott is very pleasant and professional to deal with, passionate about his work and most importantly makes great orthotics. Thank you Scott for making our experience such a pleasure to go through".

-Valentina R. (Scarborough)