Welcome to Better Orthotics Inc

I created Better Orthotics Inc in 2014 because I feel there is a need to provide custom made orthotics that are high quality, and made with integrity. All too often custom orthotics are made with inferior materials, and molded (pressed) on casts from a library of pre-manufacturered foot models. I also believe plaster slipper casting is the most accurate method of capturing the shape of the feet.

As a traditionally trained pedorthist I do not use computers to cast or fabricate foot orthotics as I firmly believe the hands of a craftsman for custom work are more suited for this purpose. Computers are great for mass production. Your orthotics are not a copy at Better Orthotics Inc, they are made by me for you!

Mr. Scott Alston is a Canadian Certified Pedorthist and founder of Better Orthotics Inc. He is in good standing with the Pedorthic Association of Canada and the College of Pedorthics of Canada. He is a graduate of the George Brown Orthotic and Prosthetic Department. Scott is very experienced and knowledgeable in a variety of foot care and lower limb conditions, including diabetic foot disorders.



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Plantar Fasciitis is the most common cause of heel pain that affects many people, notably athletes, those who are overweight or anyone who has been wearing shoes that provide inadequate support. It is...


About three out of four people either overpronate or underpronate but the majority of us are not aware of our foot type and how it has contributed to the well-being of not just our feet but our entire body. Over...


We are all born with Pes Planus feet or flat feet, as the arches of the feet only start to develop around ages three to five. Most of us will go on to develop upward curved arches on the underside of the...

Scott has been studying, specializing, and working in the Pedorthics industry since 1995.

Patient Charter of Better Orthotics Inc.


It is my objective to expedite the process from the initial assessment to the finished orthotic device. All too often a patient has to wait weeks between his/her initial appoint­ment and delivery of his/her orthotics. My turnaround time is unrivaled in the industry. I can accommodate urgent patient needs and deliver the orthotics in a few business days.


There's no such thing as a bad question. I believe questions promote an environment that facilitates an educated consumer and promotes a two-way dialogue between myself and the patient.


I take pride in providing a comprehensive biomechanical assessment, casting accurate foot impressions and using state of the art materials. My goal is to make your feet comfortable, period.


I believe that by providing premier service and using the best materials, I meet the needs of children, adults and seniors. It's about value - The benefits of two pairs of orthotics means less time and effort changing them to different footwear. 

How It Works... It's As Simple As 1 2 3!


1) Analysis

I believe it is important for the patient to comprehend his/her diagnosis and prognosis. This means understanding how your feet function as you stand, walk and go through your day. I can help you see the full picture by showing you how you walk using a treadmill and video camera. We will discuss your individual needs and how a custom orthotic will address your specific concerns.


2) Casting

I often use plaster slipper casting as I believe this is the most accurate method of capturing the shape of the feet. Obtaining an accurate mold or cast will ensure the best orthotic can be made for you! I do not use computers as I believe the hands of a craftsman for custom work are more suited for this purpose. Computers are great for mass production. Your orthotics are not a copy, they are custom made by me for you.


3) Fitting

I fit the orthotics to your footwear because I want to ensure proper fit and optimize performance. Comfort is crucial. Too many orthotics are not used because the clinician did not take the time and energy to make them comfortable for the patient.

Providing Better Orthotics For Generations Of Family